Urbanology Systems

will serve as the

master template

of a

new paradigm


multicultural marketing initiatives targeting progressive urban communities

around the globe.

It will be

the vehicle through


we'll cultivate relationships with

visionary multinational corporations

that are



developing mutually enriching, interactive dialogs


unique-community markets.


-William Anthony Rogers-
“The Art of W.A.R. 2006”





Urbanology Systems has been retained to provide all branding and marketing services for MSM Worldwide, a progressive, Korean-based, multinational corporation specializing in the development and production of an holistic line of cosmetics, dietary supplements, and agricultural Farm and Feed products, based on their exclusive proprietary formulations utilizing Methyl-Sulfanyl-Methane (MSM). MSM is a nonmetallic form of sulfur that, as an ingredient in all MSM Worldwide products, has produced revolutionary results for increased health, superior yield,and environmental sustainability benefits.

Urbanology Systems has been retained to provide brokerage, branding and marketing services for ReddiForm Wall Forming Systems. ReddiForm's insulating concrete form (ICF) building technology has served commercial and residential builders, local and state government and energy-conscious home owners since 1990. Their permanent buildings, reinforced concrete walls and foundations provide built-in economies of time and labor while greatly reducing waste. ReddiForm structures can be built in all weather conditions, are hurricane resistant, cut concrete use by 30%, cut construction time by 50%, and, on average, take 44% less energy to heat, and 32% less energy to cool than conventional wood-frame housing units.

Urbanology Systems has been retained to provide and marketing services & strategic planning for 1209 Enterprise, LLC. 1209 Enterprise and it's subsidiaries The1209affair.com, 1209 University, 1209 Arts ans 1209 Financial Solution have become a one-stop solution for businesses of many levels to enhance themselves with many of the services provided by 1209 Enterprise.